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Book Review - Hero, by Perry Moore

Hero - Perry Moore

This book was a ride and a half! And then another ride!

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, and still, there were moments of near despair here. YA at its very best.


What a fantastic book.


If I ever get any superpowers, I think the power to heal others would be right up my alley. Non-confrontational, helpful, non-aggressive.


Excellent power to have.


I had no idea whatsoever where this story was coming from, nor where it was going, but I adored how the geeks, odd peeps, and outsiders were drawn into a group of their own that eventually would—of course—save the world. How the main character is a teenage, gay superhero. I love it.


And I loved that fathers learn. That mothers can make mistakes. That love is strong, but, at times, difficult. That friendships can be true. That a group of disheartened kids can get together and change things for the better.


Because that’s what a good story does: it tells you how to make everything a little bit better. It’s called hope.


There’s not enough of that stuff going around in the world, so I salute every instance of it.


Great book. Warmly recommend.




I bought copy of this book with my own money, after reading a brilliant review from a teenager. WIN!!! 

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