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ARC Review – The Law of Attraction, by Jay Northcote

The Law of Attraction - Jay Northcote

This book resonated with me. Not because I’m into hot lawyers lawyering in their lawyer office. No, because I’m into people who actually change, who sit down and think, and then make the necessary adjustments in their lives.


It’s kind of corny, as the setup of this story is cliché with a hot and steamy Friday-night-hook-up that turns into your new intern showing up at your workplace on Monday morning, but that’s where the cliché ends.


Because what we end up with is a story where integrity and standing up for who you are is central. Ed is out and proud. Alec is not. And without pushing or forcing, Ed simply does not want to be shoved back into the closet.


So Alec has some thinking to do. And, I am happy to say, he doesn’t take all that long to get his head screwed on right.


In the meantime, there’s a lot of work and a lot of steamy hotness happening. Like, a lot.


What never ceases to amaze me is that Northcote's storylines, at first glance, may seem cliché, but the books themselves are never boring, never trite, and they always manage to make me feel good. (Also, they are both well written and well edited, a rare thing these days of self-publishing).


Thank you for that, Northcote, it is endlessly appreciated.


Thank you for writing stories for us. They do light up my dreary winter’s day.





I was given a free copy of this self-published book from the author. A positive review wasn’t promised in return.



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