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ARC Review – Magic & Mistletoe, by Annabelle Jacobs

Magic & Mistletoe - Annabelle Jacobs

I love the touch of a good witch here and there, especially of the sweet and caring kind.

This was a super-cute little Christmas novella, about a young man with no brain/mouth-filter and his hunky love interest from the downstairs apartment. All paired with a little magic.


Cute and a little steamy.

For once the double POV wasn’t grating on my mind, either authors have gotten better at writing switching POVs, or I have just gotten more used to them. Here, it was a tool well wielded.


I would have liked a bit more of a backstory on the fabulous witch, Melia. One chapter from her POV would have been perfect.


It is a quirky, funny, and very sweet read, and I was honestly giggling to myself at times.


Get yourself a cuppa strong tea, grab your blanket, and settle in for a seasonal, very British read. It is lovely.




I was given a free copy of this self-published book from the author. A positive review wasn’t promised in return.


40k words/114 pages

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