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Book Review — Home and Away, by Samantha Wayland  

Home and Away - Samantha Wayland

What a little gem this turned out to be. Hockey players, a cute British gentleman, fun neighbors, and lots of cuddly times.


A British accent when needed, and backdrop of the very Eastern parts of Canada. How refreshing this all is—everything does not have to happen in the US.


I found myself giggling when reading, and occasionally even tearing up. Yeah, we can safely say that this book did it for me on so many levels. Interestingly enough, I can’t pinpoint why I love it so much. I mean, there is nothing exactly brand-new about hockey-players being in the closet, but somehow it just all rings true. Maybe it is the hope?


Because this book brings hope. Hope that things are finally changing. That you can be a sports professional and gay. It is a sign of the times, and they are finally changing. Fifteen years ago, this story would not have worked the way it does today. This makes me very happy.


This story also shows, very distinctly, how your priorities can change, when someone needs you. What used to be important in your life, what you have believed for the last fifteen years, may have to step back, as you embrace your new life. It is about growing, and about growing up. And it is about taking steps toward creating your own happiness. Perhaps even stepping up to the plate and taking care of those who need you.


Yeah, it kinda has everything, eh?


I only realized after reading half of the book that it was loosely set in another universe, with several of the secondary characters having their own books. This made me really happy, because now I am going to go looking for them. Especially exciting, is that I see one of the other books is an M/M/F. Haven’t seen many of those around, and almost never well written. In Home and Away, we meet the three, briefly, and there sure seems to be a story to tell, there!


Oh, and for those who care about such things: this is a good, long book, 402 pages on the Kindle. We don’t see that very often, in these days of novellas and short novels. Uplifting. When I get my claws in a good book, I don’t want it to end too soon.


This one? Ended right where it should.




I was given a free copy of this book from the author. A positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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