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Book Review — Let It Go, by Sid Love

Let it Go - Sid Love, Chris Quinton, Alexandria Corza

First I was kinda shell shocked by the foreign feeling and the over-the-top-descriptions and the purple prose and the exaggerated states-of-mind and the insta-love and the cheating and the MISERY and the AWESOME screaming and—


—then I realized that this is Bollywood.


And, by DOG™, it is gloriously so.


It actually takes Bollywood by the hand, and effectively tosses it out the window, hitting it out of the ball park, winning by horse-lengths, and scoring for the team. To use some superlative metaphors and similes and a dash of hyperbole and no commas, quite in the spirit.


I think I screamed with laughter at least six times. I’m not sure that the author meant for me to do this, but nevertheless, this was simply hilarious.


It could use several (more) rounds of editing, but hey, where’s the fun in that?

Simply loved the cheek of this book for even EXISTING. Oh, and the cover is deceptively elegant.


Happy days, man. I laughed till I cried. 




I was given a free copy of this book by the author. A positive review was not promised in exchange.

I see that Amazon sells this for $3.74 in my region, which I find a bit pricey for some 70 pages. B&N, Smashwords, AllRomanceEbooks all have it at $2.99.

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