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Book Review - Nothing Special, by Jay Northcote

Nothing Special - Jay Northcote

This story started great, with a gorgeous guy on the tube. Who among us haven’t had a commuter-flirt? And for twenty pages I did nothing but read, enjoy, and smile. Then I started smiling some more. Then I went into a full-on grin.


This is just happy shit, okay? This is silly, and cute, and funny, and just lovely. It is amazingly British, and fantastically cute. I just adore it for not doing the mandatory angst-dive.


If you’re into the kind of boy who is slightly neurotic and who thinks his love interest is way out of his league, just buy and read this book. A lot of funny stuff happens, and there are truckloads of sexy times, as usual with this author.


Great read; it finished too soon, even though I was trying my best to pace myself.


Loved it. Simply loved it.




I was given a free copy of this book from the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return. 

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