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Book Review – Bolt-hole, by Amy Lane

Bolt-Hole - Amy Lane

Wow, okay, I’m officially impressed. This author takes on multicultural and makes it rock. Interracial romance FTW.

I loved this deep dive into the problematics of racism, and I loved where it was taken.

It just works.


What I really appreciate is the time taken to actually delve into the aspects of race, to hammer down, again and again, where the internalization of racism takes us, both black AND white. That we need to wake up, and look around us, things are changing.


And I love a story where the MCs get their eyes up above the horizon and realize that there is a big world out there, and that it gets better.


“We’re bigger than black and white and gay.”


Which can be both terrifying and exhilarating to realize.


This all just felt right. Add a murder mystery, and some plot action, and I was happy to run with the storyline all the way to the end.


I think my very favorite line was this one:


“He’d never thought of leaving that all behind.”


That’s it, isn’t it? Growing up? Realizing that the only shackles you have left are the ones you haven’t thrown off yourself.


I started out liking Terrell, then loving him. His point of view really gets a work-over. And what to say about Colby? Heh, I fell for him in the first scene, when he chased one of the patrons out of the bar. Oh, and his parents were to die for, too.


The best part with Amy Lane is that I can trust her to give my heart a happy sigh at the end. Thank you.





I bought this book with my own money.

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