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Book Review – Get What You Need, by Jeanette Grey

Get What You Need - Jeanette Grey

There is a lot of sex in this book. Just want to put that up front. A lot.


Also, the two leads are kind of emotional morons. But suddenly around one-third into the story, actual plot happens, good plot, interesting plot, and this was truly a major bonus, one that I wasn’t expecting after the first chapters. (Personally, I would probably have been okay with less sex, and more plot, but your mileage may vary). I loved the story as a whole. Just loved it.


Young people do not sit down and talk about feelings, and all kinds of things happened here that could have been solved with two simple conversations. Usually this irks me, but here? Here it was so well described that I simply gave in and agreed. Because, yes: college kids do this. They don’t talk, and they take for granted that they’re not good enough, not hip enough, not something or other enough. And if they get half a chance, they go for it, and take all the action they can get.


Absolutely, positively loved the description of what goes on inside their heads versus what is actually happening around them. How they misread both people and actions. How they put themselves down in their own heads.


Lucky for everybody, we all (most of us) eventually grow up and get to have good lives with real conversations.


This book took it all the way there, and I love it for that.


Great passages:


“…relaxing into the simple pleasure of touching and being touched and not being alone.”


Tell me you haven’t been there, done that?

That’s what I thought.


Brilliant little story, this. And sexy.




I bought this book with my own money. Samhain published.


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