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ARC Review – Miles and the Magic Flute, by Heidi Cullinan

Miles and the Magic Flute - Heidi Cullinan

I am a fervent fan of Heidi Cullinan’s writing. She usually writes about things that are totally out of my ballpark. And makes me understand them.


This story was very difficult to get into, and I struggled in the beginning, and over the middle. Towards the end it finally seemed to take off, and started to unfold and feel almost real. A bit late.


Not a favorite of mine, unfortunately, and even though I love fairies, they didn’t do anything for me this time. And most unfortunate of all, the lead, Miles, was whining his way though two thirds of the book. Only towards the end was he finally getting a truer voice of his own.


No passion here. I don’t understand how Miles fell for Harry. I was mostly uncomfortable, and that’s not a good feeling for me.


A classic It’s not the book, it’s me-situation, perhaps.


2.5 stars, because the language is still very beautiful.




I was given a free copy of this book from the publisher, Wilde City Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return. 

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