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Book Review - Truth in the Dark, by Amy Lane

Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane

This book was such a different experience from my usual Amy Lane dance, but holy hell, I loved it. Dark and beautiful, full of soul and love. Heavy themes like bullying and harsh punishments. And magic. And fairies.


Oh. Yes, all of those. And the end result was just beautiful. Ms Lane wields a mighty word-sword, indeed, and delivers some truths that are almost painful in their deeper sense.




“I will not steal a kiss from you, Naef, and I will not trespass ever again where I’m not wanted, are we clear?”


Yes, loud and clear. Message received.


…Oh gods…he hadn’t been here to touch me, but for the first time, I hadn’t been alone.


The loneliness screamed at me and had me wipe a tear. Or six.


Caves aren’t necessarily good places to hide, usually because other things hide in them first.


Which made me giggle so bad. Ms Lane has the language, oh boy.


See, there is deep truth here; there is steady love, sacrifice and unselfishness, together with the magic. Simply a little bit of everything. (Except dragons, sadly there were no dragons, one can never have too many dragons. And there weren't any here. Just saying, for next time, Ms Lane. No pressure).


Warmly recommend this book. Uplifting and good. Very good. I spent every awake moment thinking about this book for two days straight. It didn’t want to let go.


I like that in a book.




I bought this book with my own money, after one day noticing on Facebook that the author was donating proceeds for a good cause. I like that.


Publisher directly: Dreamspinner Press



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