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Book Review – Fairy, by C. Kennedy

Fairy - C. Kennedy


Absolutely brilliant novella of perhaps just under 100 pages. And free. And brilliant, did I say that? It’s brilliant.


Bullying. That monster. The real one. The real thing.


That damn beast that lives in Middle Schools and High Schools and Colleges and work places and… Yeah. That one.


That monster, which dies a slow death only when we speak up—stand together—unify our front and take a stand.


When we stand up for our friends.


That monster, which takes more lives than many illnesses.


Add to this theme a backdrop of Fae and demi-Fae, a hilarious (and, for this foreigner, mostly quite incomprehensible) Irish brogue, a young boy trying to survive in a hostile environment, this story for teens is simply beautiful. It talks about the things teens need to talk about. It says the things they need to hear. It listens to the problems they have.


But most of all, it contains such a huge amount of heart.

Such a huge amount of acceptance and love.


And hope.


Arggh, love will get me, almost every time.


But hope? Hope levels me. Without fail.


You made my heart sing, author.





This story is free on the author’s website: C Kennedy

Disclosure: I have become a FB friend of this author, but I read and review with my own mind, not with friendship-filters. 

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