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ARC Review – Taking Flight, by Maggie Kavanagh

Taking Flight - Maggie Kavanagh

This story left a good feeling in my soul after reading, a feeling of what it’s like to realize that the life you are living isn’t what you were looking for. And going out too look for what makes you whole. Going out to make sure you can be all you can be.


That is a beautiful premise: that love doesn’t heal us, fix us, make us whole. We need to have all that in place already to be able to truly love.


A novella sized story can of course not do the work of a full novel, but the parts that were left out of this story have been hashed over and over in so many romance books that I, for one, was very glad to just leap over them, as it were. And get to the point.


Hunter walked into my home and sat down and told me a good story.

I like that in a man.


He was both verbal and focused.

I like that even more.


Recommended afternoon read in a hammock (if it’s summertime where you live), or in front or a roaring fire with a couple of cats purring for good measure, in case you are facing winter still.


Hunter and Jake worked with what they had. As do we all. They did well.


Beautiful story, short and to the point. Loved it.





I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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