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ARC Review – Not Just Friends, by Jay Northcote

Not Just Friends - Jay Northcote

Ah, a very British read, enjoyed that immensely. Well versed in young-speak, Northcote manages to convey a realistic image of how it is during the first months of higher education, the living quarters, flat mates, course work, and more. Very good banter between the characters, and a thoroughly enjoyable read.


I was immediately drawn to the two main characters, and during the moment of mandatory angst I was rooting hard for them, whishing they’d just sit down and talk.


Intimacy is hot, as always with this author, and the coming out/realizing he is gay was well portrayed. Falling in love is always both confusing and scary. When you never realized you were gay, well, it just brings a new element of shock to the whole thing.


It’s about growing up, coming out, growing into your skin. As such, it does a smashing work. Smashing. It’s really a YA-book, when it comes to the emotions, but can’t be classified as such because of all the delicious smut.


I like the slow advance of story. It makes me stop and breathe a bit. Feel around for more.






I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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