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Reblogging Debbie's Spurts: Scam: Verified Book Reviews.com

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1. Why should I buy reviews?



As mentioned earlier, 75% of customers are inclined to buy your product if there

are enough positive reviews.


Another marketing report by Maritz Research was published recently which shows

that a quarter of customers consider online reviews as unfair (16% say it is overly

negative while 9% fairly positive). The rest of 75% considers online reviews as

generally fair.


2. How can you guarantee that I will receive the services I pay for?


We accept only PayPal transactions because this is the safest and quickest payment method. Paypal provides a higher

degree of financial safety because of their refund policy. In this way you are assured that you always receive what

you payed for, the same applying on our side as well.


services3.  How are these reviews different from any other?


We take pride in providing high quality reviews that will last. We use accounts

located in the entire US and spreading now also in UK. We follow-up a week

from the date of the review to make sure it wasn’t deleted. If this occurs, we

will re-post the review.


What we advise though is to minimize the risks of removal by letting us do all the

reviews for you. Third parties may engage in shadier techniques that will get all

your reviews deleted.


4. What kind of accounts do you use when posting reviews?


All accounts have a buying history and have posted several reviews before your product. Even if we set up a new

account, we make sure that your review will not be the first one on that account.


5.  How would a normal purchase go?


After placing your order, you will receive an email from us requesting several details that will help us start the job.


Some guidelines:


  • how fast do you want the reviews posted?

  • what region/country do you want your reviews to come from?

  • you can give us a specific text or leave it to us to provide you with quality reviews

  • a synopsis is a good start for us to better understand your book

  • a list of keywords if available for SEO purposes

  • will the reviews be verified purchase? if so you will need to provide either a promo code or cover the costs of your product.


 After these details have been cleared up, we will start working on your order.

Because we want to make sure your reviews will be genuine we usually post

them 3 – 4 days apart. Some products can take a faster rate but we’ve found that this

is a natural pace. We can however agree on a posting schedule if you want. For verified reviews we need to make sure

that shipping has completed.  Once the reviews have been posted we’ll let you know and mark the order as complete.



After 15 days we will look back on the reviews and make sure they are alive and well. If not we will re-post them.



6. How safe is this for my business?


All of your contact details are safe with us. We know how sensitive this matter is and we will

treat it accordingly. We will not disclose any of the information shared during our



We will never provide your reviews as examples to any other customers or third parties.


7. Do I need to pay extra to make the reviews verified?


Products that cost below $1 are covered in the price plan. However if your book costs more than $1 you will need to

provide us with means to make the purchases. You can send us promo codes or gift cards to cover the expenses.

If shipping is involved (paperback versions) you will need to cover those costs as well. We advise to use a different

account (other than your publisher’s), when sending gift cards. This is to ensure that no flags are raised with your

seller. If you cannot send either of these you will need to provide us the amount via paypal at



8. Can I get samples of reviews to make sure you deliver quality services?


NO! Under no circumstances will we disclose any of the details regarding previous customers. What we can offer

instead is a free unverified review on a product of your choosing. It is then entirely up to you if you would like

to work with us in the future.ranking


9. Will my ranking increase after purchasing your reviewing service?


Though we are not the owners of the ranking algorithms

used on your seller’s website, previous experiences have

confirmed the fact that reviews play a major role in

establishing the order in which the books are displayed on

the virtual bookshelf.


10. Do I get a discount if I provide you with all the texts?


YES! Since you know best what specific keywords you want to rank for or what highlights you want to bring forward

to your readers, we have decided to give you a 20% discount if you provide us with your own text.

We only ask that you let us know before ordering via email so that we can provide you with a discount code.




Source: http://verifiedbookreviews.com