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ARC Review - Rare, by Garrett Leigh

Rare - Garrett Leigh

Pete and Ash continue to travel down the road together, and there are so many curve balls thrown at them that it’s almost silly. Almost. Because in between the incredible coincidences, there is also a truckload of bad things happening. Talk about sending your characters through the wringer. (And me with them). So, while I’m not all that happy with the coincidences, I’m kind of floored by their strength in adversity.


What really struck a note with me was the enormous growth that Ash went through in these books. He is quite a different person at the end here, and he has grown up to be a fantastic and steady man. Beautiful.


I am still not convinced that the switching of points-of-view is a good thing, but it grated less on me in this book, probably because the actual switching happened less often than in Slide.


I loved how Ash grows into his skin also professionally, into the artist-side of his story, and also how Pete got to a new place in his mind. Their lives developed, changed, got thrown under the proverbial bus, and then they phoenixed it out, bigger, stronger, steadier.


Really quite beautiful.




I was given an ARC of this book for free from the publisher, Dreamspinner Press.

A positive review was neither expected nor promised in return. 

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