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Book Review – Hooch & Cake, by Heidi Cullinan

Hooch & Cake - Heidi Cullinan

This free short story takes place between Special Delivery and Double Blind, and it is absolutely brilliant. You are advised to read SD first, as there might be a spoiler or two in this one.


There is a wedding, there are questions about equality, there is screaming hot action, and loving understanding between friends. Does that seem like a lot, for a short story? HA! Never you worry, Ms Cullinan also manages to squeeze in understanding of both family and backward-thinking relatives, and I never thought I’d grow to even consider that aunt a human being. Well, color me surprised.


It just sent me to my happy place, on so many levels it’s plain silly


All in all, this is a classic Cullinanian rush.


I am in love.


"Always, Skeet. Always."





This short story is a free download from the author’s web site—check www.heidicullinan.com


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