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Book Review — The Phoenix Cycle, by Robert Edward

The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? - Robert Edward

Well, now. That was different. 

I'm not sure what to think of this one, really, except that it is a great way to write part of your thesis in book form (well, novella form, really), but it felt a bit like Mr Edward is testing the waters to see if readers would be interested in his book. A strong Hunger Games feel also came over me, but it is so short, you really can't tell.


Apparently he is working on a thesis about finding unexplored ways into the market of fiction for brand new authors. That is cool.


Personally, I prefer an author who writes a book because s/he cannot NOT write it, than one who seems to be writing parts of it to see if it might sell. Or hell, maybe I'm just jaded here, and this is a fresh new man, doing a fresh new thing


That said, it was quirky, and different, and kinda cool, if you're into the whole dystopian thing. It badly needs editing, and the ePub formatting was all over the place. (If you use this in your thesis, Mr E, make sure you get it edited first). 


Hmm. I dunno. I liked it, I think. The jury's still out :-)

I'll let you know.



For now, I don't even know what genre it might belong in—dystopian bleak future, perhaps?




I was given a link to a free copy of this book by the author, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.


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