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ARC Review – Someone to Keep Me, by K C Wells and Parker Williams

Someone To Keep Me (Collars and Cuffs #3) -  Parker Williams , K.C. Wells

Be warned, this review is shock-full of spoilers. That’s why there’s a spoiler tag below. But I seriously can’t review it without talking about what happens, so you either read this, or you don’t. And either way, you might love this book, even though I did not.


The language is great. I honestly only found one expression that has become over-used of late, and that was the (animal of choice) “caught in the headlights” — can we please stop using this, now?


I loved the title. How it isn't about wanting to be a kept boy, no, it is about wanting to not be thrown away. Someone to keep me.


The way words are put together is good, it pulls you in, they flow. It’s what the words say that leave me perplexed.


I wanted to love this book, I really did. It had all the pieces that usually make my heart soar, like lonely, young man finding his place, bdsm that I can understand—the kind without pain—the looking for your partner and taking chances, moving across the world to find what your soul needs and reaches out for.


Then it all went south, I’m afraid. Find my review, below, all within spoiler tags.



There was silly miscommunication that could have been set straight with a one-minute conversation, and had it happened only once I could have overlooked it. But when it happens again it is clear that it is being used as a plot-device, and it simply does not work for me. It’s sloppy.


Throw in an absolutely silly accident/emergency that was totally not called for, and the whole thing just sunk like a stone for me.


As much as I loved Trusting Thomas, the book preceding this one, I did not buy the storyline this time. I very much enjoyed seeing the side characters, Thomas and Peter, Leo and his Alex, but the main characters, Ben and Scott? Well, let’s say Ben is no Dom.


No real Dom would take on a sub, promise to take care of him, to never let him down, and then send him away as soon as the going got a little rough. TWICE.

That is just plain stupid. The second time they even had a fucking contract.


I don’t understand why Ben’s boss Leo didn’t take Ben to task at all for doing that to Scott. What kind of a man is he? And Thomas? What kind of a Dom trainer is he for not teaching it right? And setting his “pupil” straight?


Scott? My heart bled for the poor boy. Everywhere he turned, people screwed him over, left, right, and center. Everyone let him down, they let him go, let him fall to his knees. And the one person in his life who promised to never leave him? He just sends him away. Fucking twice.


Young Scott writes children’s stories, and the very first one he illustrates with little drawings and he prints it out and gives a copy to each of his new friends for Christmas. It is evident that it is something he has worked very hard with, and that he is very, very proud of. What does Ben do? He doesn’t even read it.


I was so fucking mad at Ben I almost hurled my iPad across the room. Four separate times. Almost, because I am no masochist, and I love my iPad.


Now, we come to the last part of my problem with this story: Jeff.

Not the young man whose picture had been used to lure Scott to Manchester. No, the man behind the alias in the chat room who had been grooming Scott.


WTF happened to him?

He never showed up at the airport. Why? What happened? Why did he groom Scott for months and then not pick up his merchandise when he arrived? We never hear another word about this man. Plot hole #1.


And the guys at the club, Leo and Thomas? They don’t go all out trying to dig this beast up and beat the crap out of him?

Great. And they say they fight for abused young men? That they want to care for them? They even have a whole fund to aid them financially. Then why didn’t they go looking for the group of men who are doing this to young boys, like they did in Trusting Thomas? WTF. They didn’t even go to the police with young Jeff, to at least make sure an investigation got under way. Plot hole #2.


No, this book just pissed me off, and even more so because I had great hopes.

Add to all that, the fact that holes are still leaking, and I’m just tired.

(show spoiler)



So, summing the mess up: two plot-device miscoms and a medical emergency—all three totally uncalled for, as they took away from the story about Scott, a fragile, young boy who was just starting to recover his sense of self-worth. Add two huge-ass plot holes. Yeah, no, I don't think so.


Those aren’t Doms. Those are just Dumbs.




I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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