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Book Review – Behind the Curtain, by Amy Lane

Behind the Curtain - Amy Lane


I’ve been on an Amy Lane binge lately, but the woman has produced so many books, and so far all of them have thrilled me.


So did this one. Jared and Dawson just took one huge step into my heart, and simply never left.


The theater is a big part of this story, a true backdrop of awesome. But in the foreground there are relationships, growing up, moving on, creating your own spaces. 


In short, life.


It is sheer brilliance. It talks about loneliness and friendship, of good family and hateful parents. It talks about all those things that you can encounter while growing up, alone, or with good friends. 


It is quite beautiful. Especially the fact that when the moment of mandatory angst arrives, the two MCs actually sit down and talk to each other. I was ever so impressed. The wording was: “…But don’t treat me like a stupid kid and leave to save me from myself…”

Perfect. Finally characters who speak up. Who put it all on the table.


Life is hard enough without complicating it uselessly just to give your story a twist. Kudos to this author who can twist without mis-communication. Brilliant.


I loved how the characters grew up in front of my eyes in this story. I hope they get a huge house with a pond full of ducks. And I hope they get to scare the ducks every day. 


Warmly recommended story.




I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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