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Status Update 30% - Down for the Count (Dare Me Series, #1), by Christine Bell

Down for the Count (Dare Me Series, #1) - Christine  Bell

Everyone loves this book.


For me, it just underlines why I don't read het romance anymore.

In het romance, the women protags are are always doubting that they are good enough for the hero, they are always complimented for their looks and meek/sweet behavior, never for their smarts, strengths or cool.


It pisses me off. So much so, I'm fuming while reading this. 


At least in m/m there is a better chance (I said "better chance," okay?) of there being a bit more of an equilibrium. 


Add to this mess, all the instances of
"peering from beneath her lashes"

(seriously? how that fuck do you DO that? I try, and I look like a moron with something in my eye)


"lining up the swollen head of his cock with her entrance"

("entrance"? really? you write cock and dick and swollen and hard and everything else, but you're a scared little sissy and can't write pussy?)

(also, "with"? I would have thought "at," but I'm a preposition hoor)



"impossibly harder"

(again, how HOW??? how do these dicks always get impossibly harder? and just how hard IS that? so hard it is impossible! wow, yeah, that IS hard)


Then the mother lode:

"column of her sex clamping over him"

(whaaaaaa? column? sex? clamping? over? I thought he was IN her)

(and god, my machinery must be faulty, because my column never clamps)



so sexy writing, innit? and people fall all over themselves and fawn. 


I dunot get it.


god, these sex scenes make me want to go into serious celibacy.


I'm just sitting here reading, and I'm waiting for the classic:

"releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding" for this story to finally culminate. 

counting down,

in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


Sorry about this. I just had to get it out of my system.

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