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ARC Review - Going Up, by Amy Lane

Going Up - Amy Lane

Families are by far the most stupid animals in the forest.

How parents miss that it is their job to love whatever kid they get is beyond me. It is simply beyond me.

Families should help and discover the soul that has arrived in their midst in the form of a new life. Help, love, support, and cherish. 


The main character in this story is one of the loneliest people I have ever encountered, and my heart was vibrating with a low-key D-flat melody for him the whole time I was reading.


Of course, you don’t manage to make a new friend going up and down elevators, but I can suspend my whole belief-system for a minute, just because. Just because this man needed friends. He needed them so badly. And that is where he found them.


And who would not fall in love with this young teacher? In his crazy costumes? I dare you. I dare you to not fall into those eyes, and drown.


Read this little thing. It is lovely.




I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.



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