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Coming up for air - just a blogpost to say hi. HI!!

Finally finished all my jobs that needed to be done by tomorrow, and coming up for air. 


In the very early morning (like 3 AM) I'm leaving home to catch a plane to go see my dad.  He has a big birthday coming up, and god knows he lives too far away from me. 


I will try to be more present next week, unless dad and I decide to start the huge Cooking Dance. If that happens (there is a good probability), it's anybody's guess when I'll have time to come chat, or even read books. You see, that is what we do. We grocery shop, giggle, make fun of each other, and then we go home and cook for a whole army. 


We then set out to find an army to feed. Never difficult to find, these days. Soup kitchens always gladly accept our offerings.


I am kinda dizzy today, as I went to donate blood this morning. It's a good thing to do before the holidays, as so many people are stressed out of their senses and drive like mad. My blood can only help those who are slightly less mad than the ones who drive straight into kingdom come, but we all do our best.


So, here's to me traveling cross the Atlantic on Friday 13th.



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