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Book Review - 4 (MORE!) short stories in the Dark Horse Universe

On Deck - Kate Sherwood Head Shy - Kate Sherwood Into the Light - Kate Sherwood The Filly (Dark Horse, #2.4) - Kate Sherwood

For all of these, what is enlightening is the different point of view.

Living in Dan’s head is hard at times, and the bonus stories somehow explain things better.


On Deck (30 pages) – Dan and Evan go on a date to resolve their issues. Yeah, right. Fun and sexy short story.

Head Shy (150 pages) – Dan is mostly lost in his own head—Evan and Jeff help pull him out. Kinda. Chris does his part, too, and it is both sweet and annoying.

Into the Light (75 pages) – A very much needed story about Chris, Dan’s best friend. I loved this one very much. And I loved to see Riley again.

The Filly (11 pages) – Ha. This was brilliant. Tatiana, at age 15, has her first date come pick her up for a Valentine’s school dance. With three dad’s staring him down, the poor boy looks shaky to say the least. 




All are available for free at All Romance eBooks. Thank you, author, that is a really nice gesture. 



(For those who prefer Amazon, they are there too, but at 99 cents, as amazon won't do stuff for free).

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