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Book Review - 3 short stories in the Dark Horse Universe

Riding Through Fire (Dark Horse, #1.3) - Kate Sherwood Rough Broke (Dark Horse #1.2) - Kate Sherwood Sometimes You Just Know - Kate Sherwood


Three short stories that give backdrops to the current, main story. 

I loved how Justin's voice showed me more of who Dan used to be when they first met.

I had a really hard time with Dan's story, and cried like a baby, even though the story is only 25 pages long.

I really enjoyed seeing the first moments of love between Jeff and Evan.


All in all these stories flesh out the characters in a fantastic way, an extra bonus being that they were downloadable in pdf for free from the All Romance eBooks. Good thinking, author. Give me more words for free, and now I'm off to read the second "real" story in the series.

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