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I am vociferously passionate about good books. And I hate adverbs.

Billionaire Main Characters

... god they are starting to bore me.


What's wrong with a good divorce in the suburbs? Where are all the stories about normal (and normal-looking) people? Men with normal dicks that aren't going to kebab his love-interest in mid-coitus? Women who aren't going to win the next Miss World? Men who have a little meat on them, and not always that hard and harsh eternal six-pack? 


And why in the whole flying hell would a Billionaire be going to the local mall? They go to other places, people. 


Write about shit you know, they say.


I say: DON'T WRITE about shit you don't know. 


Where are the stories of normal dudes and dolls, people like us?


I really want to know. 

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