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Finished at 45% - At Her Feet, by Rebekah Weatherspoon AND DONE

Sorry people, I have to put this one to rest at 45 %. This is simply not my kink, and I can't get my head around it. I tried, I really tried, and the sexy parts were good, but the mommy kink just had me in fits of mad giggles. I am sure that's not what it's supposed to do. 


Sorry. I tried. It wasn't for me. I'm going to try something else by this author, however, because she writes really well. Sentences are strung together just so, and they really put their hooks in you, they drag you into the narrative. It's just the story itself that isn't working for me.




I bought this book with my own, hard-earned cash, nobody asked me to buy and read it.

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