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Status update 55 % - Assholes: A Theory, by Aaron James

Assholes: A Theory - Aaron James

Oh, my, I have now more intel on the (not so very) elusive asshole, and the more I learn, the more I'm pissed off. Between Dick Cheney (never did a man get a more appropriate name) and Silvio Berlusconi, I am so fed up with entitled upper management that I'm ready to throw up.


Arriving halfway through this book, however, I find that Chapter 5 is aptly named Asshole Management, and it starts by telling me that the rest of the book will be about how to handle assholes and how to handle yourself in the context of dealing with them... 


I cannot wait to read this; here are finally the tools I was hoping for. The stage has been set. I AM ALL EARS.


Honestly, I got so excited last night I had to stop reading, as I didn't want to fall asleep in the middle of the explanation - AND MISS IT.


I shall let you all in on the secrets further along in the reading. Going back in tonight. 


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