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Book Review - Wild Horses, by Kate Pavelle

Wild Horses - Kate Pavelle

Only someone who has been there knows the ugly, cold bite of winter concrete under you ass. No roof. No food. No friends. Nothing.


Only someone who has been there knows the healing powers of Horse.


The healing powers of a warm muzzle that breathes down your neck. Or of strong, slick muscle, made for careening wildly out of control, to fit your spinning mind, thundering heartbeat, and the air that is caught in your lungs with no fathomable way to escape the lock-down of your windpipe.


The mad rush, and then, the pain that slowly leaves you, as the wind washes everything away, clears your spirit and gives you oxygen; to once more take huge gulps of life-giving air without choking on it.


There is healing in this tale. There is total, absolute pain, but with healing, repairs, the welding back together of ripped souls.


It started a bit with a limp and a stumble, as anyone who saw my first status updates of this book will know, but it soon took flight and then it damn well soared. There is strength in the writing here, truth falls off every page.


Not only did this story turn around and make me fall in love with the writing. It also had a blind-siding plot twist that made me reel. Just wow.


I loved the descriptions of the actions of the posh dressage crowd, and the powerful horse sense that Attila masters. There is something wildly attractive with a man or woman who make horses want to come closer. Touch. Share their space. I know, as I have fallen in love many times just by watching that kind of interaction.


This is not the horse whisperer. This is a real horseman. There is a difference.


Read this book. Even if horses do nothing for you, read this book for its show of healing powers. It made me feel so good. It even has people of different colors and ethnicities in it. I can't help but absolutely LOVE that fact. 





I received a free review copy from the publisher, Dreamspinner Press. A positive review was not promised in return.

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