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Who We Are

Who We Are - T.J. Klune **spoilers highly probable**This second book worked its way under my skin, just as seamlessly as did the first book. There are some absolutely hilarious moments, as well as some chapters that had me in a sad state of affairs, snotsobbing with the best of us. I've run through all the emotional spectrum with this continuation of the story of Bear, Otter and the Kid, and I feel all the more rich for it. Some absolute truths have been told, and here are some favorite excerpts:"No ego. Humble to the core, that one." Bear about the Kid. Of course. "Because you're worried, Bear, And it makes me nervous. You know when you worry, I worry. It's just what we do." The Kid to Bear. "'What were we even talking about?" the Kid asks. 'I never know,' Otter assures him." That little word "assures" just changes the whole phrase into brilliance."When you don't talk a lot you'd be surprised about what you actually hear." The Kid's friend Dominic. Oh, Dominic. You break my heart."I found a supply closet somewhere down the hall and went inside and broke. When I came back out, I was strong again." Sweet, strong Bear. "The Judge frowned. 'Not in my courtroom, Mr. McKenna. But you're right. Holy shit.'" Victory is bliss.All in all, a fabulous read, both books, and I truly hope Bear will come back and talk some more to us. I'm not even close to being done with him. Nor Otter. Nor the Kid. Brilliant read. Loved absolutely every moment of it.