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Book Review - Magic's Promise (Last Herald Mage Series #2), by Mercedes Lackey

Magic's Promise - Mercedes Lackey

This is what magick is supposed to be all about.

Saving the world.

Things that explode without reason.

People who finally realize their full potential.

Youngsters who grow up to be valiant adults, and get their due kudos from those who used to scorn them.


The revenge for having been treated poorly? To live fully and be good and happy.


I adore the language in this book, it is so uplifting, even in the parts where everything goes to hell with a bang. And the humor is outstanding, listen to this, said about our Herald-Mage:


"They are a lot more worried that—oh—a bird will crap on you and you'll level the palace." 

Of course, he had just returned from years in combat zones, and was slightly, shall we say, gun-shy? Yeah.


And then Ms Lackey goes on to paint me pictures, like "Birds chirped news at each other right outside his window." Or this, when Vanyel hears Yfandes' voice in his head: "Yfandes' mind-voice was yellow and effervescent with amusement." And then she describes Vanyels sadness thus: "He found himself smiling, a smile with tears on the edge of it, but smiling."


Brilliant language. It tastes good. Fabulous world-construction. I think we can safely say that I'm liking this. On to the next.




I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone. I paid for it with my own money.

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