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Dark Highlander (Highlander Series #5)

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Actually really, really good. It's either that I'm getting into this genre (meaning my intellect is getting more and more obtuse) or this is really a good little series of books. I'm inclined to think the latter, because I hate to feel stupid. Yet, I cannot be totally certain. This virgin/time-traveling/Highland-hunk-theme has got to soon be milked for all that it's worth, right? No, probably not, I believe Ms Moning has more in store for us. Much more. What was that? "We're gonna need a bigger boat"? Yeah, perhaps. Thank you for that. I'm off to the next one in the series, because I am eating them up like sweet, shortbread cookies. Dageus was a favorite already at the end of last book, that he would sacrifice himself for the happiness of his brother Drustan and his wife Gwen was beyond loving. His huge heart had me on my knees several times during this story, and especially when he had left a note to Gwen. I cried. I actually feel like taking a trip to Scotland, and THAT'S a feat, especially considering last time I was in Glasgow and Inverness I had the most drab time of my life ever. Must have met up with the wrong crowd. Or I was there in the wrong century. Whatever. Happy thoughts about Scotland now. Only happy thoughts. ****Reading from a borrowed copy. (But am seriously considering buying the whole series just to have it in my bookshelf).