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Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander Series #4)

Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning You know how you feel when you've erroneously entered the wrong ride on the fairground, and you're strapped in tight, heart beating a desperate tattoo... You realize that you are way out of your league, and just want to get off the ride?Yeah, that one. I've been on that ride all day today, and boy what a ride it was! I cannot fathom a better way to spend a Sunday than in the company of Drustan and Gwen. I have screamed with laughter when she locked him in the garderobe? Who does a thing like that? *giggles* and cried bitter tears when suddenly Gwen turns around and is back on the stone slab in the sunshine above Loch Ness.. that broke my heart. And with all the paradoxes up in the air, Ms Moning suddenly catches each and every one of them, and prettily folds them into reasonable little pieces of loving fluff. And it just worked, even for me, even though I despise time travel paradoxes. She just made them all pretteh.And then she goes on to crash some hard shit on us at the end, oh Dageus, you noble soul, to make sure we'd run as fast as we possibly can toward the next book in the series. Well now. Here's me running!------------------****Reading from a borrowed copy.