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Crushed Seraphim

Crushed Seraphim - Debra Anastasia Update as of October 26, 2012. Just want to publicly state that since reading this book (in spring of 2011) I have had to make a decision about my personal opinion on pulling fanfiction to publish for money. And I have come down on the side of Not Okay. Hard. This book came out way before the Twilight fanfiction fandom exploded with greed and as I hadn't been able to read it as a fic, I bought and loved the book. Today, I would not have bought it. This practice has broken the fandom in two, and has broken long-standing friendships into pieces. I will not change my original rating, nor my original review, because I *did* feel all those emotions. This is a hard thing for me to do, as I want to stand up for my friends. But... Friends can be friends, even if you do not agree on how they act. Original reviewAs expected, this book made me laugh and cry and scream "GO GIRL". All of which are my favorite pass-times while reading. Debra Anastasia brings you up and down, and sideways and you're not sure of anything anymore after a while. In a fabulous way. She has created a heroine who is red-blooded (but a Seraph), foul-mouthed (but sweetly so) and ball-buster extraordinaire. Absolutely charming. And once you've been sucked in to her charms, Debra goes for your jugular by sending in Jack. Satan Jack. And he is a hand full. I am in love.I have lived in their world for a couple of days now, and what a ride! I simply cannot wait until the sequel. The fantasy that abunds in this story is magic. I have no idea where all these crazy scenes come from, but Debra is full of them. And so am I now, after reading. wow. just wow.