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Book Review: Missing, by Drake Braxton

Missing - Drake Braxton

I have no idea how to label this book.

All I know is that it was brilliant.

Harsh, gritty, loving, sexy, confusing, amazing, upsetting, hopeful, crushing, scary, and, finally, absolutely delightful.


Personal growth, awareness and delirious action.

For a debut novel, this is amazing. Actually, it would be amazing for any author and at any stage of his or her writing career; it has a unique voice and a feeling of honesty is seeping through with every page you turn. Nothing I've ever known is for sure anymore.


Absolutely riveting. Not even ONE chapter went the way I thought it would. Not even ONE turn of events took off in a direction I was expecting. And on top of all that? Even the cover is stunning, and to the point.


No excerpts from this one. Just go read it. The storytelling is like a ride on the Blue Tornado in Gardaland, Verona, Italy.

I'm still clutching my belly, wondering where my shoes are, and if my hat can be seen anywhere, or perhaps it's lost forever.


Up is down, and I have NO idea where down is.


Well done. Well done, Mr Braxton.




I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money.

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