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I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier

I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier - Crystal Rose Beautiful freebie, and full of good feelings. (But why is this not a real book? The format for reading online kills me—and seriously messes with my excerpt-making kung-fu, so no excerpts this time).A bit too much Army-talk for my taste, but that's because I come from a place that hasn't been at war with anyone for centuries. I can't really relate. There's a lot of screaming and running and using acronyms that I don't know what they mean. Confusing. What I *can* relate to is the feeling of friendship that is born out of hardship and pain, out of conviction and duty. That, I get, and this book had it in abundance.Hot scenes, lovely scenes, and even kick-ass women in an M/M-book? Yes. I loved it. This is something I often miss in m/m, that either there are no women at all or they are complete morons. I like to see a world where it is okay to be gay. woman. man. boy. girl. black. white. native. anything. So it was good to read about some really cool women too, and backdrops of an accepting society (well, except for the classic christian priestly parents, they never change, and I love to see them ridiculed, especially if there is a small sign of redemption on their part at the end).Good story, loved it. And thumbs up for my GoodReads friends who read, comment and make me want to read things I had no idea existed.