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Book Review - Tattoos & Teacups, by Anna Martin

Tattoos & Teacups - Anna  Martin

I just spent the last couple of days in the company of two very sweet men, Robert and Chris. I loved every second of it, and adored the soft acceptance of what you set free will come back to you if it is yours.

The reason I bought the book was its cover, I have seriously to search a long time to find another that attracts me this much. I don't know why it attracts me, it just does. Also the title was fabulous.

So, let's lay it all out: I bought it because it looked pretty and had a great title. (See how that works, authors? You need to get off the stock-photo-train-wreck and put some serious thought into your IMAGE). I have to admit, I didn't even check what kind of book it was, I just went with my gut feeling here.

So sue me if I didn't understand until 6 pages in that the narrator was a man. (You might want to work on that, author. Or maybe I should just learn to read the blurb. Whatever).

This book? Was gentle. Sweet. Loving. It is comfort-zone material. It has very little angst, and what there is, is subdued and accepting. Love is love, and if it IS love? It comes back to you. If it doesn't, it wasn't. 

There is a good lesson in there.

I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money, as I do for all the books I read, all the music I listen to and the movies I watch. 

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