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Book Review - The Gig, by Kim Fielding

The Gig - Kim Fielding

Brilliant little add-on from the story Speechless (and free, too).

As I check out the reviews from other readers, I realize that the two new characters I encountered in this story came from a story called Bones.

Brilliant move, author. Yes, I'm a sucker for characters that waltz over Series-lines and into stories about other people, so I'll be looking into that one there.

Great little story, made me feel all happy inside, especially for Travis finding a possible space of his own where he can develop and shine. His supporting Drew is just precious (and I mean that in the very very best way).

Can't thank Vladimir enough for alerting me to this author. Absolutely fab writing. Fab.


I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money (except that this one was free...), as I do for all the books I read, all the music I listen to and the movies I watch.

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