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Book Review: Sucker-Punch, by Sarah Black

Sucker-Punch - Sarah Black

I am not surprised at all; Sarah Black has the writing gift, indeed.

Here, she stunned me with her sentences, put together Just So. And she created a marvelous short story about life, careers, and what comes next—especially when there are midlife career-changes looming. Brilliant.


See, sometimes you just need a little push. Some highlights:


"...twelve pudgy, elderly men and women with the hungry look of people who had recently been put on low salt diets."

This made me giggle so bad, the description was just so perfect. We all know one or two of those people, right?


"...a millimeter, such a tiny space. The size of a lesion on the brain, or the size of the space between lover’s lips, about to kiss."

Wow. That is sensual, at the same time as it is a perfect description of the lesion.

But my absolute favorite will always be:

"I’ll let you explain to George why he can’t sleep on the bed.”


Thank you, Ms Black, for this lovely freebie. You rock this.

Source: http://AnnaLund2011.booklikes.com/post/201750/sucker-punch