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The Little Dragons

The Little Dragons - Rowan Starsmith Wow, we're off to a rocky start, this book and I. And then, I step off. Completely. First off, this ebook starts with several pages of introduction—without SHOWING the reader that this is an introduction to the story, i.e. a story that talks about the story. Instead of starting the story already, with chapter one. So the book actually starts on page 8, after 5 pages of text about the book. Gah. Then, as I have Capitalization Anxiety, this book felt like Winnie-The-Pooh, and Not In A Good Way. Example:"The Leaders kept the Common Order, bringing the People together to discuss problems, resolve conflicts, make decisions and hold one another accountable for the Common Good."or"... taking care of Sisters and Widows under the rule of the Head Mother." It's like everybody is a title. And everything is a sacred noun, demanding the Capital. Annoys the crap out of me. I simply cannot read it. When I then find stuff thrown in about how the kings are all white, and the little people are all dark skinned, you've lost me. Sorry. Not finishing this. Giving up.No stars.****Received this copy for free. Thank god.