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Book Review - An Immovable Solitude, by S A McAuley

An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley

It took me the best part of a week to digest this book. It had me hard in its grip from the get-go, and it just NEVER let go. I'm still on a high from it, and can't seem to start a new book, because I still think about these characters daily. Uncanny. I'm still reeling with all the emotions.

I bought it over a month ago, but it's been patiently waiting in my TBR pile. Woe is me, I had no idea what I had pushed into that corner of semi-life—had I known I would have read it the same day I got it.

Oh well, goes to show you just NEVER know.


It started out softly enough, having caught my interest seeing it was about a South African shark-diving tourism outfitter. It is truly refreshing to see stories that are not happening in Seattle. (Nothing against Seattle, people, I just like to think there's more to the world and other places to do it in TOO).


So, picking it up and starting to read, and WHAM! Before I knew it I was halfway through.


Just unbelievably good writing, beautiful scenery, back-drops, and a social message I can really get behind. Everything is in it. Everything. Steamy romance, hard and harsh heartbreak, travel, nature, idiots and cool people. The works.


Here are some excerpts—as per my usual MO


For the loving feeling:


"I waited until his heartbeat slowed and his breathing fell in a long, quiet pattern before kissing the base of his neck and whispering an I love you that was too frightening to be anything but the truth."


Or for the über-sensual:


"My breath caught in my throat as he stretched, muscles rippling, soft skin stretching over ever lean muscle, the feel of him still echoing in my fingertips."


For the agony, I give you:


"I had to be splintering in half."


Or how about:


"This was going to be the moment where I shattered into cleanly split pieces that no one would ever have the patience to put back together."


Heartbreak extraordinaire. I stop here, because iif I truly start copying all the phrases that spoke straight to my heart, I will copy the whole darn book.


Yes, it is that good. Absolutely beautiful. And please remember I'm a fluff girl, so if I am happy... LOL


Good read, good feelings, completely in love with this story.


NOW I remember why I read books. They take me places I've never been, and show me emotions I cannot experience personally.


I love reading. And I loved reading this book, especially.


Thank you, S.A McAuley for this story. It spoke straight to my heart.




I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money.

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