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ARC Book Review - Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories), by Con Riley

Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories) - Con Riley

Why am I not surprised? This story took off, just like the others in the series, and I flew with it.


I love the hardship and the problem-solving that happens, I adore Marco and his obnoxious, in-your-face-loving-ways, and I love that Aiden manages to finally take a step outside himself, and let the rest of the family help HIM, for once.


I adored Marco walking around in Ben's footsteps, trying to get a glimpse of all the things Ben had experienced in Seattle. It actually brought me to big snotty tears, when Marco was describing how he’d been walking, feeling like Ben was still there with him, and saying hello to all Ben’s friends.


And I loved walking around the Quadrilatero in Milan with Aiden, peeking inside one of the fancy mansions that sit quietly behind heavy, wooden doors. I was transported.


Happy sentences? Well, of course!


“I think we could be magnificent together. Perfetti…”


I love the fast-forwards, and flash-backs of this storytelling. The glimpses into the past arrive exactly at the time when you need them, and the fast-forward happens just to make sure you can't put the book down. It's uncanny how Riley works this tool. Thank you for letting me into your world. I kind of adore it.


And I wish I had Marco’s Mamma for a Mother-in-Law. Just sayin’.




I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone. I did, however, receive it as a present, so for once I did not pay with my own money. But to be honest, after reading this story, I went to Dreamspinner Press and bought a personal copy of it, so that I can give it away as a present, too. It’s simply too good not to share.


ETA: 18 August 2013—Just read this whole series again, and the emotions are even greater when you get them one after the other, without having to wait.


This confirms my theory of me liking finished works. 

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