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The Highlander's Touch (The Highlander Series, Book 3)

The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning Now that's more like it! This turned out to be the classic taken-by-storm-romance I was looking for! This time Ms Moning got it right, time travel and all. Choosing between past family and future family is always a problem in these time-warping stories. What I really liked was that the parents got involved, not like, say Twilight, where Bella's folks could never be trusted with the Secret, not until the very end. Silly stuff. If parents love their kids, I'm sure they can keep a secret when they see their daughter (or son) truly happy. And let me tell you people (at least the 2 who might read this review) I am so glad to see a story with almost no angst (just some moments of almost abduction) and HEA for the motherfucking win. Lisa had been such a good girl all her life, sacrificing everything for her mother, and for caring for her, double jobs and all. About bloody time she got to have some fun.Best lines of the whole book? These ones:“I can’t die now,” she whispered. “I haven’t even lived yet.”"William Wallace did not look like that!" He gestured irritably at the TV.The only sad note in this series of books (and it does take away one whole star bringing my rating down from four to three on this one) is that the girls always are bloody virgins. Come on, people. This is the 21st Century. Get with it, world. I would have loved it if Lisa had found a rabbit in Circenn's secret room, and promptly had gone about showing him how it worked. A real, modern 22 year old woman, as it were. And now? Now I need an Adam Black book, about him and Morganna... I hope that's in one of the next books.****Reading from a borrowed copy.