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Spell of the Highlander (Highlander Series #7)

Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning I have decided that this is the ultimate story in the Highlander series (and I am not going to talk about that excuse of a book Into the Dreaming that came after this one—it'll be like it never existed...) and Cian MacKeltar is truly the dark ancestor of all the boys. But he is also funny, full of quirks and giggles and humor and love. AND, while having the long, silky hair that all the Highlanders seem to be sporting (yum!), his hair is a dark auburn, and not black. His whole coloring spells Autumn to me, with eyes like burned whisky, and it is a true Scottish feel I get from that. I love it.What to say of his ladylove? *gigglesnort* She is a complete hoot, totally kickass and finally A GIRL WITH A HAIRCUT, not just long pretteh hair. No, hers is black and cut short. Brilliant image. (Oh, but she's a virgin, of course, it goes without saying. And that bugs me just as much as with all the other girls. Oh for a new script).Also, the writing in this book is really Ms Moning coming into her more modern way of writing with humor and fun. She finds ways to express herself in this book that is unequalled in this series, and something I feel is becoming more fully developed in her Fever series. But this? It feels like this is where it started, for her, that she felt she could do both historical romance AND fun. Well done!Some examples:"Dageus glowered at the closing door. Christ, his ancestor was a savage!" Well, well, look who's talking! Because Dageus is such a sweet and tender little man, eh? LOL"His head was canted down, his hair shielding his face, but she could plainly see his shoulders shaking with silent laughter. The Neanderthal was janking her chain.""Wee woman, heart of a warrior." Oh, THAT is the way to think about your lady."Logic, reason, and awareness of current events had vanished from her mind as abruptly and completely as if somebody had just vacuumed her brain out through her ear." What an image. All in all a delightful read, and I have to say I'm sorry it is over. This series has left me both happy and giggly and that doesn't happen very often. ****Reading from a borrowed copy—but I went ahead and bought this one, because I need it in my bookshelf. Two or three of the others in the series will be purchased too, I believe.