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I am vociferously passionate about good books. And I hate adverbs.

Daunting. Exciting. Confusing.

Yeah, that's my summing up of the Booklikes experience so far. 


I've seen that some of you find the Tumblresque feel of this site to be a bad thing—me, I find it one of its strongest points. Because at least I know how to make a post, tag it, and post it correctly both here and on Twitter. So there's that.


That said, I miss many things from GoodReads, so I will probably keep using both for quite a while. Or until they kick me off. Could go both ways.


Most difficult things so far:


1. Understanding who is who here. Many of my old friends arrive here in fresh new robes, and I'm a silly old cat, and I don't understand who you are until I can smell you or give you a good lick. So feel free to give me a holler in case you feel I'm passing you by without a second glance. Also, I am very nearsighted. 


2. As bookshelves from GoodReads start to fill up here, I've noticed that the exclusive shelf I had over there for books I would never want to read ("never-reading") have ALL ended up in my TBR shelf... Beautiful—now I have no idea if I want to read it or if I don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. As the comments attached to each book seem to be lost, I no longer know what I WANT to read. This is fuckery at its absolute best. Is there a quick fix for this, Oh Y'all Mighty Net Warriors?


3. About the comments: I had all info about my p2p books (or about the badly behaving author, as it were) in the comments-section of each book on Goodreads. Have all comments disappeared in the move? I'm just waiting for Goodreads to delete my shelves about published fanfiction, and then all that info is gone. Yes, I know where to find it again, but I had already DONE all that research with friends, so if anyone has a simple and quick fix as to how I can get the comments back—and where they go?


OR am I just missing something really obvious? It has been known to happen.


Oh, I forget:



The BEST thing with this? I feel like I'm leaving behind a lot of dead wood. 

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