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Book Review But My Boyfriend Is (Florida Books, #4), by K. A. Mitchell

But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell

Beautiful. And full of deep truths, not really what you'd expect of a romance/erotica story. I liked this very much because there were words of wisdom here, words that more people should hear. 

Dylan is a riot, in EVERY sense of the word. He is quick to throw a punch, and quick to laughter—and actually does both of those a lot, together with all the I'm-not-gay sex he's having in this book. Yeah, right. Dylan has a way to go still, to get to insight.

Don't know what to put in my excerpts this time, but maybe I'll just go with this one sentence that cracked me up:

"Two guys trying to make a baby?" Dylan's smile started slow then brightened to a grin as he grabbed Mike's hips. "Might have to try for a really long time."

If you enjoy m/m-romance and like your boys to come full circle from denial to insight, this is a good one. I really like this author. And that FINALLY not all protags are shining white caucasian just make it all the much better. Dylan sounds like he is truly beautiful.

This was the fourth in a series (where I seem to have jumped #3, which I am correcting as we speak), and all well worth reading. I love it when I find I can spend my hard earned cash on stuff that delivers. 

I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money

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