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Book Review - Special Delivery, by Heidi Cullinan

Special Delivery (Special Delivery, #1) - Heidi Cullinan

Brilliant writing is brilliant.

This story is made of so much awesome. Kinky and still sweet. Loving, and still sexy as all get out.


I loved Mitch, the complicated, good man that he was. I learned to appreciate Randy, although he was somewhat of an acquired taste.


But I adored ADORED Sam. The giving-in to what you need and want? Beautiful. I loved the way Mitch took care of Sam after actions, and how he never once overstepped. They truly danced, around, with and for each other.


And yes, if you love someone, you set them free.


Great read, had me glued to the pages until the iPad fell on may face, took all of two evenings to devour it.


Lovely. Absolutely lovely. And did I mention HOT?


Just saw that there are more books, it is a series. YAY!

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