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Book Review - The Boy Who Came In From the Cold, by B. G. Thomas

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold - B.G. Thomas

This is the story that talks about how you hand down the line. The help you have had, the love you have received, all of it, you use to help the next person who comes along.


That part is totally brilliant, in this book. How Gabe takes in Todd, gives him shelter and food. As someone once did for him.


This is heartfelt and beautiful. Just as Todd breaks my heart in fifteen ways, with the angry voice of his step-father ringing in his head. All the feels assault me as he wavers and falls. I actually drowned in all the feels.


One of those books that just keeps you reading until the end, in one, long sitting. You can't put it down.


Awesome. Just awesome. For once, there is minimal conflict, almost no mis-com and the anxiety I felt halfway through that there was going to be the mandatory OMG HELP moment fell flat on its face.


Refreshing, to say the least!


At last: the COVER. Absolutely stunning. Especially as it is an M/M book. So that is what bumped this one up to five full stars.

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