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Book Review - Nor Iron Bars a Cage, by Kaje Harper

Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Kaje Harper

First of all, that was exactly what I needed: magic, sorcery, good and evil. And boys, beautiful boys.


Second, this story was born into the fantastic happening that is Love Has No Boundaries within the m/m romance group over on Goodreads 2013, and for an author to write an epic story like this one (100k words!) in some six weeks? Ridiculously gifted author.




I adored the storyline, the world, the characters, especially Tobin. I adore a steady presence. I read it nice and slow, and really tried to taste the words on my tongue, reading out loud. Poetry.


Then I fell in love also with a ghost. Not many books can do that for you. His interaction with Lyon was adorable. And Lyon? For a boy who thinks he is very weak, he shows incredible stamina and strength. Beautiful.


Of course, I especially appreciated that Lyon was language man. Perfection.


*happy sigh*

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