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Book Review - Nowhere Ranch, by Heidi Cullinan

Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan

Hot hot hot hot hot hot.


Then some horses (yay!) then hot hot hot hot hot again.


Yeah, I think we can safely say it was hot.


And it flew by in one night of intense reading. Very well written; seriously great word-skills showing in this one. It scared me at times, and then it took me to places I had no inkling I would like to go visit. Turns out, I loved going there.


I adored the short, choppy lines, very Palahniuk, very strong language, and a really convincing MC voice. The sexing was actually off the charts in the first half of the story, and I must say I adored how it turned soft, loving, sweet in the end. (Yeah, well, still kinky as hell, but with the emotion behind, it is a completely different beast).


If you are a hard-core erotica buff, then this slide into romance might piss you off. For me it was like icing on my cake. The bloody cherry on my pie. The olive in my martini. (I can go on, but, let's not, eh?)


Absolute top marks for Haley. Oh lord, but a woman like that in your corner? Levels the playing field considerably. I loved seeing her take on both the bible and its bigots. Absolutely hurrrrraaaay-worthy.


Also, I am so tired of women being assholes in mm-stories, so this was a happy encounter indeed.


I love it when an author can take a story and shake it so hard it falls into place by itself. Ms Cullinan did that, right here.


Kudos. Great work. I just LOVED it.

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