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Book Review: The Prisoner (Broken, #1), by Kol Andersen

The Prisoner (Broken, #1) - Kol Anderson

Holy hell, but that was intense. Sorry, Mr Anderson, did not finish this.

Not because you can't write, because By God you can. You write like the wind.

Simply because I am made of softer matter than needed for this story. I am simply not strong enough, and the writing is so real, so frighteningly realistic that I ended up wailing, screaming, crying.

Too much for me. But WOW for writing skills. It takes a lot to turn me into a shivering, shaking mess of a frightened little girl.

You did. Kudos. I just can't go there.I kind of love that you pushed me so far over the edge, though, and that's why there are four stars to my DNF book.

(I'm sure someone will come and tell me you aren't allowed to give 4 stars for unfinished books, but I really don't care).

This was very well written. So much so it scared the crap outta me.

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